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Digital Arts

Digital Arts

What We Offer

Our aim is to offer students a diverse range of specialist courses, and options designed to equip them with the confidence and skills to engage creatively with the exciting, innovative and fast developing world of digital arts in its many forms. Our courses will provide students with challenging project based learning opportunities to develop a wide-ranging and sophisticated set of digital and media skills that will enable them to specialise further as they move into higher education or into one of the many digital and media industries. We will promote the concept of digital arts in its widest sense, treating traditional and new digital practices and studies as complementary to each other.

Student Profile

Students applying for this pathway will show an aptitude for performing and visual arts through a digital genre. They will be enthused by ICT, gaming, photography, film, art, animation, editing and radio.

Digital Arts students will enjoy creating imaginative work that is both highly original and inspired by the pursuit of digital excellence. Each student will be expected to build up an extensive portfolio of work for assessment so will have good organisational skills. Coursework will be completed in a variety of ways - mainly practical productions but also essays, oral and Powerpoint presentations, written evaluations, blogs and evaluative seminars. Students will therefore be confident to express ideas in these various media and be adept at objectively evaluating their own work. Digital Arts students will also be encouraged to participate in an active culture of media engagement and to appreciate the historical, social and cultural contexts of their work, so will have an affinity with these concepts.

Courses Offered

Students will be selected onto a digital arts course through an aptitude workshop in which a preference will be identified for a particular pathway. The digital arts courses will offer two main specialist pathways (Broadcasting Media and New Media). All digital arts students will study the mandatory units, but each pathway will allow for a degree of specialisation from the first year of study, so as to meet the needs, skills, interests and aspirations of individual students.
The world of digital arts is exciting and diverse. Our courses will reflect the opportunities that come with that diversity, so each course will have a further personalised learning option as follows:


Broadcast Media Pathway

Broadcast (Post 16) >


Games and New Media Pathway

Games and new media (Post 16) >


Digital Arts (key stage 4 only)

Digital Arts (Key Stage 4) >



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