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Performing Arts

Performing Arts

What we offer

The main aim of the courses is to provide students with industry style performance opportunities, empowering them to learn more about their chosen art form and themselves. We promote learning through collaboration and place an emphasis on the value of team work, artistic experimentation and using the arts as a vehicle for change. This will be realised through high quality performance projects, ranging from acting and dance showcases to music concerts and full scale musicals in the academy’s main theatre.  Students will also have the opportunity to perform in the local, national and international community.  All the performing arts courses will be busy and challenging, providing a strong vocational context. Many of our curriculum projects will be supported by our creative industry partners. We will also benefit from our links with the music industry through our founding partner, The BRIT School.

Student Profile

Students opting for the performing arts pathway will show enthusiasm, passion and aptitude in dance, acting or music. Performing arts students will be versatile and flexible in their approach to their work. The demands of the courses we offer require that students need an energised, focused and committed approach to developing both their practical skills and academic appreciation of the arts. Although there will be an emphasis on learning through doing, students will be expected to study the theoretical aspects of the arts through social, cultural and historical appreciation and evaluation.

Courses Offered

Students will be selected onto a performing arts pathway through an aptitude workshop in which a preference will be identified for a particular option. The performing arts course will offer two main specialist pathways (Performance and Music). Each pathway will allow for distinct specialisation from the first year of study, so as to meet the needs, skills, interests and aspirations of individual students.

The music and creative industries are vibrant and diverse. Our pathways will reflect the opportunities that come with that diversity, so each pathway will have further personalised learning options as follows:


Performance Pathway

Acting (Key Stage 4)  >

Acting (Post 16) >

Dance (Key Stage 4) >

Dance (Post 16) >

Musical Theatre (Key Stage 4) >

Musical Theatre (Post 16) >


Music Pathway

Music (Key Stage 4) >

Music (Post 16) >

Music Technology (Post 16) >

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