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Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre
BTEC Level 2 TECH Award in Performing Arts

What will I learn on this course?

The BTEC Level 2 TECH Award is an intensive and exciting 2 year course, delivered by highly qualified teaching staff who cover different aspects of the Performing Arts Musical Theatre programme through the teaching of technical skills used in vocational contexts. The Musical Theatre Pathway is a practical course enabling students to develop and extend their dance, vocal, acting techniques and performance skills, as well as their understanding of the performing arts world. This specialist programme is aimed at students who are passionate about developing their Musical Theatre skills, knowledge and understanding. Students should have a high standard of focus, creativity, commitment and motivation.
Over the two years students will specialise in developing their performance techniques through a range of disciplines including singing, dance and acting as well as extensively developing their collaborative and solo performance skills. In addition, students will also learn about working in the performing arts industry, and the jobs and opportunities available in this sector. Musical Theatre Pathway students have the opportunity to perform within their own BOA showcase, as well as other exciting ventures.

How is this course structured and assessed?

The BTEC TECH Award consists of 3 Components:
Component 1: Exploring The Performing Arts (Internally assessed)
Component 2: Developing skills and techniques in the Performing Arts (Internally Assessed)
Component 3: Performing to a Brief (Externally Assessed 3 Hour assessment / 40% of the overall grade)

How will I study?

Students will take part in dance technique classes, vocal sessions, acting workshops, performance projects and theoretical sessions led by the Musical Theatre staff and professional vocal teachers. Students should also take advantage of the wide range of performances they will be involved in and ensure that they fully immerse themselves into the wide range of repertoire available to them. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to gain supplementary qualifications such as the Arts Award Bronze and Silver, as well as taking graded examinations in Musical Theatre with the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.

Further Learning and Career Options

Students' experiences at BOA will enable progression to the Post 16 courses at BOA, or A Level study at other institutions.

Download the course outline

Musical Theatre BTEC course outline

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